Ambient Art - Music - Spoken Word

Storyclock is getting close to releasing an app for iOS and Apple TV. 

We are looking for:

1) Slow films or slow motion graphics, including 3D renderings.

2) Ambient music or natural sounds, binaural audio ideal but not required.

3) Traditional art with high quality stills (for which you may offer for sale in the app.) Ideally these pieces would fit into a 5-7 piece series.

4) Short (15 seconds to a couple of minutes, give or take) of high quality audio only: short stories, essays or poems or theatre. Ideally these would be in a 5-7 piece series. 

All copyright must be owned by you or it must be in the public domain. We will not ask you for your copyright.

The curators will make every effort to review your work and respond in a timely fashion; but no maximum or minimum response time is guaranteed.

Thank you! 


We are based in Missoula, Montana
PO BOX 8383, Missoula, MT 59807

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.